Nkala is a relatively small area by Zambian standards (200 sq km). It is situated in the game corridors of the large buffalo herds that venture in and out the Kafue Park. The terrain varies between vast open grass plains (dambo’s), dense jess bush and miombo forest. The large buffalo, zebra and wildebeest populations offer some exceptional cat hunting. The lion population is very healthy and of exceptional quality. Leopard hunting at Nkala is particularly superior with the average weight of a leopard being 60-65kg.


Nkala is especially known for its buffalo hunting where trophies between 36–42 inches can be expected. Nkala offers a wide variety of plainsgame including high quality sable that reach to trophies of over 40 inches.


Nkala Game Management area offers a number of different hunts ranging from 21 day Leopard Hunts to 12 day buffalo hunts.

The Trophy hunts include a range of animals from Baboon to Hippo as well as Antelope.

Available species include Baboon, Buffalo, Bushbuck (Chobe), Bushpig, Crocodile, Duiker (Common), Eland (Livingstone), Grysbok (Sharpes), Hartebeest (Lichtenstein), Hippo, Hyena, Impala, Kudu, Leopard, Lion, Oribi, Puku, Reedbuck (Common), Sable, Warthog, Waterbuck (Crawshays), Wildebeest (Blue), & Zebra.

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Located 15km from the Kafue National Park



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 0211 258 075/8

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